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The plans included for four nestboxes are distributed for information and general public use and to assist with Bluebird recovery programs.  An article about the Xbox can be found HERE.  More information about the Gilwood can be found HERE.  To see plans for these four boxes, click on the links below.  

* Gilwood Nestbox plans

* Gilfort Nestbox plans

* Xbox Nestbox plans  

*PVC nestbox  (this includes an article detailing the construction as well as drawings for making the PVC nestbox and the 1/2" conduit/rebar mounting system; click HERE.)

Relevant pictures shown below can be seen larger by clicking on the thumbnails.  The PVC box is above, click on it to see a larger view.


Steve Gilbertson with Xbox


Front view of Gilfort nestbox


Side view of Gilfort nestbox



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